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Yasmine Mahmoudieh enjoys the sweet taste of success as she wins Exhibitor Magazine’s 2011 EuroShop Award

Award-winning stand design by Mahmoudieh

Yasmine is a multi-award winning architect and designer with over 25 years of experience.

LONDON, 27 July 2011 – Yasmine Mahmoudieh, has been awarded Exhibitor Magazine’s 2011 EuroShop Award, honouring excellence in retail store design. The international architect and designer used HI-MACS®, a solid yet translucent man-made material, to create a striking store design suitable for a luxury chocolatier. Yasmine’s winning scheme resembles broken slabs of chocolate, made from internally illuminated HI-MACS® Opal, which gives a soft, indirect lighting that contrasts with visually warm background colours and represents the sensual experience that comes from eating chocolate.

“Store design is a fundamental component of successful retailing,” commented Yasmine. “Effective designs are able to capture attention, inspire consumers and communicate key messages about a brand and its products. Winning Exhibitor Magazine’s EuroShop Award, at what is perhaps the most competitive event for retail design, is particularly satisfying.”

Yasmine is a multi-award winning architect and designer with over 25 years of experience. Rejecting the notion of a signature style, she instead follows a holistic methodology that has enabled her to undertake a wide range of building categories where people – as individuals and as crowds – are at the heart of the design narrative. This includes designs for leading hotel brands (such as InterContinental, Radisson SAS and Kempinsky), restaurants, shopping centres (such as Florida’s Cocowalk and Hungary’s Millennium Centre), office complexes (such as the Hamburg headquarters of Aon), plus multi–purpose public venues and exhibition stands.

EuroShop is a major retail design show held once every three years that sets the global standard for the retail and exhibition design industry. Featuring inventive materials, unique concepts and one-off creations, the event offers inspiration for retail and exhibition professionals. Exhibitor Magazine's EuroShop Award recognises the most impressive stand featured within this trend-setting show. HI-MACS® is manufactured by LG Group and offers a range of properties that are desirable in the design of counters, work surfaces and display furniture in retail environments, public buildings, commercial offices, hospitals and kitchens/bathrooms.


About Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Yasmine Mahmoudieh is one the world’s most creative design intellects. Her international architecture and design practice is known for its perceptively holistic approach, expertly fusing human needs and cultural expression, manifested through forms that are sensitively tailored to their surroundings and purpose. Her work spans from such acclaimed buildings as the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art to technically challenging interior designs for the giant Airbus A380. Yasmine’s latest venture is a private equity fund, channelling investment into original, design-led enterprises that capture the imagination.

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