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Car Insurance Premium Calculation – Now at your finger tips

Now car owners can really rejoice and relax as the Car Insurance premium calculation is possible at their finger tips. The company called Insurance Facts of United Kingdom has come up with an innovative product in premium calculation known as Premium Calculator 0.1. This product will change all the traditional methods of premium calculation and give you the complete control. The Premium Calculator 0.1 will be launched soon in United Kingdom. It will be desktop software and would really give fast and accurate results.

The Insurance Facts having its head quarters in London have agreed about the fact that they have designed innovative and accurate software that can be used to calculate premium for Car Insurance from anywhere and by anyone. This product that will be launched in the name of Premium Calculator 0.1 will have many variables that can be changed as per the requirement of the user. This software will enable the users to calculate the premium with PA and without PA. The own damage percentage can be varied by user and rest of the things will be calculated automatically. The representative of Insurance Facts have also confirmed that this software will consider all aspects of the cars like electronics accessories, CNG kit, no claim bonus as well as the public liability part. The own damage part of the software takes into account the additions like electronics accessories and CNG kit while it will also deduct the percentage no claim bonus available to the driver. The De-Tariff discount that varies from company to company is also considered here. The Insurance Facts team has the complete knowledge of the subject and hence made this software very much accurate by adding public liability points like basic T.P, LL to employee, CNG/LPG kit liability, compulsory PA, Additional PA, additional loading and service tax too. The consideration of all these facts has made this product highly reliable. Those who have used this software on trial basis have affirmed that the results are really accurate and fast. The users also find it convenient as they were saved from the hassles of searching around the websites to get the insurance quotes. Even the financial experts and the insurance agents have called this product a complete convenience product as they can suggest their clients about the affordable and suitable insurance plan just at the click of the button. They have also confirmed that this software helps to save time and also give full satisfaction to the customer.

The team of experts from Insurance Facts has designed this product called Premium Calculator 0.1 to suit the personal as well as official needs of car insurance premium calculation. The product would be very soon available online for the finance experts as well as other interested persons in trial basis. Though there is no clarification in regards of the ordering, the general assumption is that it would be available on online orders. Those interested in further details on this launch a can contact the Insurance Facts head quarters situated at 128 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7TB, United Kingdom.