Managing cyber risk: Cyber deception company Cymmetria announces the appointment of Marcus Alldrick as Chief Risk Officer

Marcus Alldrick, Chief Risk Officer
Marcus Alldrick, Chief Risk Officer

Cymmetria, a developer of comprehensive cyber deception solutions, today announced the appointment of Marcus Alldrick, who is joining Cymmetria as Head of Risk. Alldrick comes to the position with years of experience in information security and risk advisory, and is a well known figure in the information security community.
In his last position, Alldrick served as Head of Digital Risk and Compliance at Lloyd's of London. Prior to that he served as Principal Advisor at KPMG, and CISO for Abbey.

"I am honoured to announce the appointment of Marcus Alldrick,” said Gadi Evron, Cymmetria Founder and CEO. “My acquaintance with Marcus began in 2005, and he is one of the most respected professionals in the field, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. I am pleased to announce that {{Marcus joins Cymmetria as Head of Risk, and will help us navigate the rapid growth stage we are now entering.}}"

For more information, read about Marcus on the Cymmetria Blog

About Cymmetria:

Cymmetria is a company offering a pioneering cyber deception solution, based on breadcrumbs and decoys that lead attackers away from valuable targets. Cymmetria’s deception products give organizations the ability to detect lateral movement inside the perimeter, automate incident response, and mitigate attacks, and the company also offers deception as a service. Founded in 2014 by security expert Gadi Evron, Cymmetria is changing the asymmetry of cybersecurity, tilting the traditional security odds so that hackers are the ones left vulnerable.

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