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The Impact of Menopause on Joint Health

Expert Menopause Nutritionist & Cytoplan share what we can do to improve the health of our joints as we age to stay active and healthy

Plus: Joint Rejuvenating Smoothie Recipe!

News Copy – Weds 15 March 2023

While the menopause is primarily associated with reproductive changes, it can also affect various other aspects of a woman's health, including joint health and some of the frequently stated but less examined symptoms of the menopause are joint pain, joint stiffness, reduced flexibility and inflammation, with many women finding their joints suddenly become stiff and painful during perimenopause and menopause, which can have a significant impact on everyday life.

Market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan and Specialist Menopause Nutritionist; Karen Newby deep dive into the link between menopause and the impact it has on the health of our joints, the problem...

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