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DAGMA, Poland sees great potential for sales of DESlock+ under their exclusive distribution agreement as part of the ESET Technology Alliance Program.

Taunton, UK, 28th March 2014 DESlock Limited, the UK leader in data encryption solutions, has entered into an exclusive partnership with DAGMA to sell DESlock+ under an agreement brought about by the newly formed ESET Technology Alliance Program.

“We are very excited to be working with DAGMA who have 25 years’ experience in security in the Polish market. DAGMA offer a range of specialised security products, including antivirus products and UTM devices, so are well placed to understand the technical advantages of our encryption solutions and relay that to the Polish market” comments David Tomlinson, Managing Director of DESlock Ltd.

DESlock provides a well established encryption product, via a simple-to-use application with unique architecture, to provide powerful data encryption to large...

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