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Rainfinity today introduces its RainStorage network attached storage (NAS) management appliance, the storage industry’s first system to provide non-disruptive data migration across multi-protocol NAS environments. The plug-and-play appliance optimises utilisation and increases ROI by providing the ability to move data across volumes and NAS systems without restricting client or application access to those storage systems.

“Ideally, data migration should be uneventful, not an event,” said Mike Fisch, Director, Storage and Networking for analysts The Clipper Group. “If the storage industry will realise its promise of a brighter future, data movement must be less painful and disruptive than it often is today. Rainfinity addresses this need with RainStorage, a solution that makes file migration a normal, useful, and non-disruptive part of storage management.”

The ActiveBand™ architecture of the RainStorage NAS management appliance enables it to move...

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