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Automated Service Delivery application brings deployment automation, end-user control and resource metering capabilities to any CA 3Tera AppLogic cloud computing platform installation, anywhere.

(London, UK) DNS Europe, a European leader in provisioning and supporting CA® 3Tera® AppLogic®-based Clouds, today announced the availability of its new Cloud Control Panel (CCP) application, available for immediate FREE DOWNLOAD and evaluation. The CCP allows customers to implement a "Self-Service" approach towards deploying and managing IT resources on the CA Technologies platform, providing additional cost-savings through automated provisioning and opening up new revenue-generation opportunities by simplifying the complex process of creating Cloud Services.

"Building and managing cloud-based infrastructure and applications is something that the CA 3Tera AppLogic platform really excels at", said Stephen Hurford, Cloud Services director at DNS Europe. "Now,...

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