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DairyBits increases stock as summer comes to a close for another year

As a turbulent summer comes to a close for another year, DairyBits, which provides easy access to a wide range of cost-effective dairy and ice cream machine parts, is calling in additional stock in preparation of manufacturers slowing production and servicing their machines after a busy end of season.

The Great British summer of 2012 won’t go down as anything particularly spectacular in the books of many ice cream manufacturers following unpredictable weather patterns hampering the UK public’s desire to holiday in the country and even travel for family days out; both of which typically go hand-in-hand with an icy treat. Some reports claimed that 20 per cent more Brits booked holidays abroad when compared to this time last year as a direct result of the weather.

However, despite the reports, others have concurrently revealed that revenue from the ice cream industry has in fact increased by around 2 per cent. This may partially be due to a hot, or hotter, end to the summer or, as it is been argued in the US, an increase in single unit prices.

Mark Gudgeon, managing director of DairyBits, commented: “It was certainly a slow start to the summer for many of our clients but, one that ended strongly with a mini heat-wave and if the reports are correct, some nice profits. But, because the ice cream industry is largely a seasonal one, there’s a finite window to make money so when that window appears, machines are often worked to their limit to meet demand – and it was definitely a shorter window this year.

“Now demand and production is starting to slow and machines allowed to rest a little, many manufacturers are, or should, be looking to service their machines to avoid downtime over the winter or, dare I say it, prepare for next year. That’s why we’re not only adding to our selection of spares, which includes more stainless steel fittings and butterfly valves, but also the volume we keep in stock so, should a part be required, we’ll be able to dispatch the required part without delay.” allows manufacturers to search 1,000’s of products via various categories and sub-categories such as electrical, mechanical and liquid, the part required or the machine in question. Once found, the part can be simply added to the ‘basket’ and bought, leaving the user with peace of mind that the part will be directly delivered quickly, anywhere in the world.