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I'm dreaming of a PINK christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and shoppers are already eager to get their hands on the naturally pink, delicious and refreshing gin - North42.

This year has been a bit of a difficult one to say the least. But despite the restrictions, North42 want to add some colour and celebrations to end the year in style before we say hello to 2021.

With a passion for sourcing fresh, natural ingredients, owners of the award-winning Leicestershire based restaurant North Bar and Kitchen, crafted North42 Gin back in 2019. Joanna and Sally cleverly paired 100% natural ingredients like crisp rhubarb and sweet blood orange, with beautifully balanced botanicals to create a unique, smooth, fruity and flavoursome gin, which was snapped by Selfridges to be an exclusive reseller of the gin from its release.

North42 achieved fantastic feedback from consumers during their first year, being ranked in the top five gins to buy in Selfridges for 2019. With demand growing alongside rave reviews, North42 have now launched an extensive range of luxury gin gifts for their ‘Christmas Collection’ that includes:

A Little Taste of Perfection (North42 Gin Miniature Home Kit) - RRP £25
2 x 50ml Miniature bottles of North42 Gin
The perfect gin glass (300ml)
A pack of North42 carefully selected dehydrated oranges
All wonderfully gift wrapped in a unique way, using only natural products

Perfection Personified (North42 Gin Home Kit) - RRP £46
70cl bottle of North42 Gin
A pack of North42 carefully selected dehydrated oranges
All wonderfully gift wrapped in a unique way, using only natural products

All sets come with the option to personalise your gift with a personal message.

The unwrapping of presents is one of the best parts of any Christmas Day. So, make this Christmas special for loved ones with a guaranteed smile when they open the carefully chosen surprises.

North42 can be purchased in all UK Selfridges stores or from their website. Alternatively, you can order directly from the North42 website or pick up your gifts when you visit the North Bar and Kitchen restaurant.

Selfridges Link:

North42 Link:

So ‘may your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be PINK’.


Press Kit:

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Product Description

100% Passion
100% Natural

A beautiful gin, skilfully crafted by award winning North Bar and Kitchen, acclaimed for their exquisite dining experiences that share their passion for the pairing of food with gin.

With a passion for sourcing fresh, natural ingredients, Chef Joanna and Sally crafted North42 Gin by cleverly pairing crisp rhubarb and sweet blood orange, along with beautifully balanced botanicals, to create a smooth, fruity, unique and flavoursome gin, with a deliciously long blood orange finish.


North 42 is a 100% Natural Rhubarb and Blood Orange Gin. It is an all-occasion pink smooth gin that pairs well with food, which gives its own unique, clean and natural flavour. The gin contains 100% natural ingredients, meaning that there are no artificial sweeteners or colourings in the gin. This gives the gin its own natural colour from the fresh ingredients of rhubarb, blood orange and botanicals.

Expand your experience of North42, by enjoying some of our unique North cocktail recipes.

Because of North42’s unique blend, it tastes amazing when drank straight up over ice, with just a dehydrated orange as an accompaniment. But for those who prefer a mixer in their gin, it also tasted fantastic with tonic water or ginger ale too.
For more of a celebration, make the ultimate gin fizz by mixing North42 with champagne or Prosecco, and see the gin create some amazing colours through these various pairings.

North42 can get the party started when used to create cocktails too. This converts gin agnostics everywhere, as it is a unique gin they have not tasted before which instantly stands out from the mass gin market.

Or to put on a dinner to remember, North42 pairs amazingly with food to create the perfect accompaniment to a taster menu. Allowing you to create a unique dining experience, as each course comes with its own drink recipe, to leave a memory your guests won’t forget in a hurry. Kind of makes wine sound rather boring now, doesn’t it…?