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BREAKING NEWS: Artificial Intelligence virtual waiter pioneered to get restaurants and bars back up and running

Artificial Intelligence virtual waiter pioneered to get restaurants and bars back up and running.

An AI powered digital waiter,, has launched to help restaurants, cafes and bars to safely re-open their doors ahead of today’s announced 4th July lockdown lifting. can chat to the customer, guide through the digital menu, suggest dishes and specials and even recommend wine pairing. Diners can see their dishes in augmented reality in front of them or watch their food being prepared with live streaming from the kitchen. Bar customers can use video technology to safely chat with bar staff about a cocktail creation or order another round with a tap of the phone.

The ‘AI waiter’ doesn’t require an app or downloads and doesn’t require customers to hand over any data. Customers simply use their phone camera to scan a QR code on their table. This launches the service for the establishment. Any orders are instantly routed with table number details direct to the venue’s bar or kitchen. It uses advanced natural language processing technology as well as a machine learning algorithm to get better and better with every use.

“There are a multitude of ‘order at table’ services, but the experience provided can be very sterile and bland. It’s like ordering a take-away but sitting in the restaurant. goes much deeper and enables venues to provide a dining or drinking experience” says founder Craig Holt. incorporates video conferencing technology to further enhance the experience. “Video opens up a world of possibilities” added Holt. “A world class sommelier could work at multiple restaurants at once using video conferencing.”

There is also the ability to exchange messages with the venue’s actual staff or to call someone over to the table. “Each W8R experience is built bespoke to the venue: the balance between human and digital interaction, the words used, the presentation of the menu or the interaction - everything is built around the brand and personality of the venue to create an unforgettable experience for the customer.”

Please contact Daisy Craydon PR for interview requests, further images or quotes from Founder Craig Holt on 07539494720 or email