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A new survey, commissioned by Activia has revealed a bloated belly as the number one body complaint amongst British women with 52% of women surveyed stating that they would rather live without it. Lower belly bloating or LBB (described in the survey as the physical increase in below the waistband belly size) has even overtaken other irksome conditions such as the muffin top and ‘cankles’ (thick ankles), not to mention more visual features such as a double chin, little boobs or ‘thunder thighs’.

Move over Muffin top, LBB tops the poll…

1. Lower Belly Bloat (LBB) (52%)
2. Double chin (42%)
3. Thunder thighs (41%)
4. Muffin top (31%)
5. Back fat (23%)
6. Small breasts (11%)
7. Cankles (6%)

The research, launched to highlight the misery brought by even a mild digestive disorder, showed almost ¾ of British women (over 20...

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