David Domoney chartered horticulturalist and broadcaster partners with the UK’s leading water garden supplier OASE.

Broadcaster David Domoney
Broadcaster David Domoney

David Domoney becomes brand ambassador for the water gardening giant, OASE, and aims to demystify water gardening and encourage more people to add water to their gardens. David says, “Since lockdown, many gardeners are keen to expand their hobby into new, exciting areas and water gardening is a popular choice because the sound and movement enhances the relaxing atmosphere of the space.”

If installed correctly, adding areas of water can be a haven for visiting wildlife. David adds, “When you install water in the garden it adds a new dimension to your design as well as more planting opportunities. From water lilies flowering on a pond whilst fish swim beneath to the sound of tranquil water flowing from a self-contained water feature, the beauty of adding water can be as big or small as your garden dictates. Combining lighting, plants and water movement will bring a whole new feel to your outside space.”

Introducing water to the garden can transform it to an oasis of calm, where you can benefit from the soothing soundtrack of moving water. There are other psychological advantages too, because being around water gives our senses a rest from overstimulation, especially today in our ever-growing technological society. Water has the power to calm us, connect us and increase creativity and innovation.

Not only do we benefit from water in our gardens, but wildlife does too. Installed correctly, ponds are a perfect place for creatures to wash, bathe and get access to shelter and food. Having a pond in your garden will attract a variety of amphibians including frogs, toads, and newts. They’ll thank you by eating garden pests like slugs and snails.

Making the pond accessible to animals is important, by adding a gradual incline to allow easy access and exiting will help them out. No matter what size your garden is, a pond of any shape or size is incredibly valuable to wildlife.

From filtration and liners to pumps and connectors, there may be plenty to think about but even planning and assembling the pond will benefit you. David says, “With a goal to work towards with the finished product being a calming and relaxing space for reflection and de-stressing whilst watching the wonders of wildlife.”
With many people living in flats or apartments with little or no green space, the benefits of water features and nature can be achieved indoors too. OASE’s unique aquariums and terrariums with cutting edge technology, offer a design element that offers many possibilities. So, bring the outdoors in with their ornamental biOrbs.

About David Domoney C Hort. FCI Hort

David Domoney is a seasoned gardening television broadcaster and currently presents on ITV’s ‘Love your Garden’, ‘Love your Weekend’ and is also the gardening presenter for ITV’s ‘This Morning’. He is a winner of 30 RHS Medals with two Best in Show category trophies and the Prince Edward Award for Horticulture Excellence. David is also known for pioneering campaigns Cultivation Street as well as Illumination Street, brightening up Britain’s streets at Christmas. David also writes a gardening column for Grow Your Own magazine.

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Oase has been active in the UK for decades, but with the opening of the subsidiary office in 1993 it has grown to become the leading water garden supplier in the country. Headquartered in Hörstel, Germany, OASE has more than 850 employees worldwide and production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, and China. OASE is one of the leading international specialists for the creative staging of water in the private and public sectors.
• The Consumer Business (Water Gardens, Indoor Aquatics, Drainage & Irrigation) is focused on pumps, filters, and equipment for private ponds, swim ponds, water courses, and water features with proven success for decades. As the world market leader in this segment, OASE is a benchmark for innovation and quality.

• The Professional Business (Fountains & Lakes and Water Technology) has designed and executed countless large-scale projects worldwide. Recent projects include the floating fountain at DaMing Lake (China) and the Unirii Square in Bucharest (Romania).
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