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As family homes start filling with festive tunes, many people may be wishing for a silent night, as a study* from Deezer, the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal global music streaming company, reveals that over half of the population (52%) believes that at least one member of their family has poor taste in music.

Laying bare our music likes and dislikes in the home, the research uncovers how two thirds (66%) of ‘baby boomers’ are so adamant in distancing themselves from their loved one’s song choices, they claim that their family has no influence on their music taste. Yet, while millennials are busy blaming their mothers for having the worst taste in music (13%), kids should be high-fiving, as 20% of 35-42 year olds feel that their children have great taste in music.

With music differences a clear source of debate, families also feel the need to keep their ears peeled as to...

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