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Desang Diabetes Directory: What diabetes management equipment is ‘out there’ -- and where to get it from.

Current issue of Sweet magazine

Sue Marshall, who has had Type 1 diabetes for 35 years and is a freelance journalist specialising in diabetes healthcare, has been writing products page for Sweet magazine for the last year.

These pages now form part of the Desang Diabetes Directory, an online resource on diabetes management equipment on the Desang website. In total there are around 100 diabetes management products described, of which 8 variations of kitbag and another 15 products available for sale.

Sweet, the national newsstand magazine for people living with the condition, features recipes, informative features, advice on diet and weight management with and realistic exercise plans, motivating real life stories as well as the product pages relevant to people living with diabetes. It’s available from leading newsagents on a bi-monthly basis at £2.95 per issue.

Sue says, “We live in a time where there is an increase in the number of tools available to people with diabetes, however, it’s hard to get information on these unless you know what they are and who makes them. These product pages listed on will help bring information direct to the people who need it.”

If you know products that can be included in both Sweet’s “Check This Out” product pages or the Desang Diabetes Directory please email

The current issue of Sweet is available now in most branches of WHSmith, WHSmith Travel, Martins, Mills, larger branches of Tesco, Sainsbury, CoOp and all good Independent newsagents


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