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Desang Diabetes Directory -- Things we can use to monitor and medicate diabetes

Desang Diabetes Directory

The diabetes management equipment we use can have a huge affect on how often or how well we use it, being directly associated with how often we blood test and inject. If you don't like your diabetes equipment, you won't use it! At Desang we've introduced the Desang Diabetes Directory.

Desang was set up by Sue Marshall, who is building the independent company's site to be the most comprehensive information centre on diabetes management equipment in the UK.

So far there are listings of more than 60 bits of diabetes kit in the following sections:

1. Blood test meters, test strips
2. Lancing devices, lancets
3. Insulin pens, injection aids
4. Insulin pumps, pump accessories
5. Hypo treatments
6. Food and diet
7. Accessories: Diet
8. Accessories: Travel
9. Accessories: Children and young adults
10. Accessories: Eyes, feet, clothing
11. Accessories: Pill medication
12. Medical ID

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Among the insulin delivery devices we have the Medtronic Veo, the Humapen memoir and the Novopen Junior. In among the pump accessories there are Groovy Patches and the Aquapac. To keep insulin cool take a look at the Frio listing or the one for the Minifridge. Included in the blood test machines category are the Contour Link from Bayer, the Lifescan Vita, Accu-Chek Compact Plus and Accu-Chek Nano, the Optium Xceed from Abbott as well as the True One and Wavesense Jazz.

Lancing devices reviewed are the super wonderful Accu-Chek Multiclix and the marvelous Unistix 3 from Owen Mumford. If you’re on pill medication, we’ve included pill poppers and splitters and a handy carrycase called Tab Time. Listed in the hypo treatments are Glucotabs, Glucose Spray, the Glucagen injection kit from Novo Nordisk as well as Hypo-fit syrup from Arctic Medical.

For the diabetic body we take a look at products for treating dry eyes, such as Gel Tears and Optrex Eye Mist. For feet there are special Crocs with silver in them as well as socks with the same (a silver lining indeed!). There’s the Pingu t-shirt from JDRF and some diet accessories including Salter carbohydrate scales, The Diet Plate and the Omron Body Composition scale.

Other accessories that are there are Rufus bear (an educational toy from JDRF to help teach children to do their own injections), plus info on the Patient Pak (to keep you safe if you need to stay in hospital) as well as information on sharps bins, to keep those used lancets and needles out of harms way.

Last but not least there’s a heap of info on Medical ID products, such as Medipal, Icegems ID and Medic Alert.