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Launch of diabetes management tool My Glucose Level

Example graphs from My Glucose Level

It seemed sensible to be able to see, assess, then understand and address my results myself.

TOPIC: My Glucose Level's blood glucose recording and charting service helps patients understand and manage their diabetes.

My Glucose Level is an easy to use system. A user can record their glucose levels anywhere and at any time, all they need is an Internet connection. Access can be given to nominated healthcare professionals – such as the patient’s GP – allowing them to view these glucose levels without the need for GP surgery visits.

My Glucose Level is a secure, web-based, recording system, there is no software to download or install. It was created by Stephen Taylor, who has type 2 diabetes. With the diabetes diagnosis, a background in science, and a talent for programming websites, the day came when Stephen felt compelled to find a solution to a problem he kept coming up against. He explains, “When diagnosed in the UK, I was given a blood test machine and told to test once a week. A few years ago, I met the lady who was to become my wife and as a result, I moved to America. Meeting my local doctor there, I was immediately told to test three or four times a day! At the time, I did not know of a good way to get an overview my readings. It seemed sensible to be able to see, assess, then understand and address my results myself. I wanted something simple that I could stick with and show my results in a way that was useful and made sense to me.” My Glucose Level is the result.

Arctic Medical supplies My Glucose Level in the UK. Arctic Medical has been involved in the supply of diabetes products since 1994, when it began exporting Hypoguard blood testing systems to countries in the EC, Russia, Ukraine and East Africa as well as the UK. Since then, the growth of the diabetes care market and the number of products available have increased. As a result, Arctic Medical now supplies around 40 different products, most related to diabetes management and some associated medical conditions.

My Glucose Level is available from as little as £1.50 a month. Media contact: Steve May 01227-832400