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New Gordon Ramsay Food Preparation Range

New Gordon Ramsay Food Processor

Make light work of those kitchen tasks with an exciting new range of Gordon Ramsay Food Preparation appliances

Make light work of those kitchen tasks with an exciting new range of Gordon Ramsay Food Preparation appliances. This award-winning chef knows just what it takes to get those kitchen tasks done quickly and easily and now you can confidently step up to the plate with a range of time-saving kitchen tools, that successfully combine quality with versatility, to make your life so much easier in the kitchen. Choose from Prep ‘n’ Blend (Food Processor and Blender); Blend Master (a unique Blender with handy Mill attachment); Blend ‘n’ Blitz (a multi-function blender) - all designed to inspire you and help prepare delicious food at home.

‘Prep ‘n’ Blend’ – Food Processor with Blender Attachment

Busy cooks everywhere will really appreciate the Gordon Ramsay Prep ‘n’ Blend – a combined Food Processor and Blender - which makes very light work of chopping, shredding, grating – as well as cakes, pastry, homemade curry pastes, dips and smoothies. Prep ‘n’ Blend boasts a whole host of advanced features including a powerful 900 watts motor – tough enough for any job – two handy speed settings and a Pulse function for that extra burst of power. And if you have larger quantities to process, the Assist Blade is a real boon – simply use it in conjunction with the chopping blade to reduce processing time and for more even chopping.

Prep ‘n’ Blend also comes with a generous 2 Litre mixing bowl capacity and 7 professional grade attachments that will breeze through those processing jobs in no time at all. The 1.5 Litre Blender Jar attachment will quickly and easily produce an array of delicious soups, dips and the ice crushing function is a handy addition too, making Prep ‘n’ Blend the perfect all rounder for any busy kitchen.

Prep ‘n’ Blend comes with a handy Grinding Mill too – great for grinding whole spices to add much more flavour to dishes. Use the Mill to grind your favourite coffee beans too – coffee beans last much longer so you can grind little and often for much fresher coffee.

‘Blend Master’ – Jug Blender and Mill Combined

A Blender is a must for any busy kitchen and the powerful 500 Watt Gordon Ramsay Blend Master offers all that you would expect and more, from a high performance product. This stylish Glass Jug Blender comes with a handy robust Grinder attachment too, which will quickly and easily grind an array of spices to enhance flavours and bring out the best in your food. The Blend Master not only looks good, but also performs all your blending tasks effortlessly, with perfect results every time.

Its generous 1.5 Litre capacity and advanced features – including 3 speeds and a handy Pulse function for that extra burst of power - make it great for whizzing up a multitude of delicious soups, smoothies, sauces, crushed ice and cocktails. And Blend Master comes with some inspirational recipes from Gordon to get you started

‘Blend ‘n’ Blitz’ – Multi-Blender

Looking for a product to speed up a multitude of everyday food preparation tasks and save valuable kitchen space into the bargain? Then look no further. The Gordon Ramsay Multi Blender is an incredibly durable, flexible, easy to use kitchen product that combines 7 functions in one neat unit.

This versatile 17-Piece set will mix, whip grind, grate, crush ice, and juice in seconds - all at the touch of a button. The Blend ‘n’ Blitz comes with 7 blender jars (including stayfresh lids) which you simply place on the power pod to quickly mix your ingredients and then use the individual jars for storing delicious homemade curry pastes; fresh homemade dips and sauces, or your favourite breakfast smoothies.

The separate Blender and Juicer attachments complete what is an amazing multi-purpose product designed to make light work of any food processing task - and guaranteed to become an indispensable kitchen favourite.

Gordon Ramsay Product Details:

Prep ‘n’ Blend – Food Processor & Blender RRP £129.99
Blend Master – Jug Blender & Mill RRP £44.99
Blend ‘n’ Blitz – Multi-Blender RRP £44.99

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