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British dogs and cats have chewed through an incredible £358 million worth of gadgets in the past five years alone. The reported figures show that the damage to phones, tablets and laptops was the highest in Europe. It’s not just chewing either, as it was also realised that around 14 per cent of UK homes have had some damage caused to their hand-held gadgets at the paws of their pets.

The total for Europe in total was around £1.5 billion, with Denmark having experienced only £10 million worth of damage over the five year period. In Britain, the issue is reported to be related to pets mistaking our high-tech equipment for chew toys. Other damage was caused by gadgets being knocked off furniture by curious paws and wagging tails; some by knocking over liquids and some gadgets being stepped on.

As experts in pet products, Direct Pet Foods takes a keen interest in news stories such as this. A spokesperson from the company made the following statement:...

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