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Designers back ethical rug labelling scheme to combat illegal child labour

To coincide with World Fair Trade Day 8th May 2010

Top rug designers are backing the GoodWeave ethical rug labelling scheme, and making a stand against using children, as young as six, to make rugs for the UK market. New collections from leading rug specialists Knots Interiors, Jacaranda Carpets and RugStoreNE all bear the GoodWeave label on the reverse, and illustrate how home-owners can have the latest trend-setting rug designs and ensure a better life for thousands of children.

Encouraged by the growing recognition of its ethical labelling scheme and support for the work it does against against illegal child labour GoodWeave, the international not-for-profit organisation, has announced it is to expand its mandate to improve working conditions for adult weavers, and encourage sustainable production to reduce the damage rug weaving can have on the environment. Further information is available from

GoodWeave currently works with producers, importers and designers to eradicate child labour in Nepal and India, and provides education and support to rescued children, giving them back their childhood. Other designers and retailers in the UK supporting the GoodWeave rug labelling scheme include The Rug Company and Wovenground. For a full list visit: or Tel: 07740 459279.

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Issued 16 April 2010

High resolution images available on request:

(1) Himalayan Summer Stripes and Himalayan Shoreline120 x 180cms rugs from Jacaranda Carpets, GoodWeave labelled rugs, retail from £240 depending on the size and knot count
(2) Spotlights from the Florence Broadhurst Collection at Knots Rugs 250 x 250cms, a GoodWeave labelled rug, retails for £4,650.00
(3) Python from the Exotic Collection at Knots Rugs 183 x 275cms, a GoodWeave labelled rug, retails for £4382.75
(4) Tashen Plum from The RugstoreNE 230 x 160cms, a GoodWeave labelled rug, retails for £275.00
(5) Kew Green from Modern Rugs 160 x 230cms, a GoodWeave labelled rug, retails at £179.00

Additional Notes for Editors:

The use of illegal child labour in the rug-making industry is a global problem, particularly in India and Nepal, where children as young as six are in bonded labour, making rugs for Western markets. The recent report on Al Jazeera highlights the on-going problem: Illegal child slave labour

As part of becoming a full member of ISEAL, the global association for social and environmental standards, GoodWeave is developing a new Generic Standard, a draft of which can be read at The new Standard is integral to the new GoodWeave ethical labelling scheme, with the aim of strengthening and enhancing its core mission. It is proposed that GoodWeave should not only address the issues of illegal child labour, but also additional objectives relevant to today’s market, such as adult working conditions, environmental stewardship, sustainable employment and community impact.

The GoodWeave labelling scheme has replaced what was previously called RugMark.

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