What is the Ultimate Business Concierge Service on Wheels?

Executive Business Class Travel
Executive Business Class Travel

What will have a real impact on global business travel? Is it new routes covered, airport security and check-in speeds, flight itineraries or air miles flown? What it the answer was more grounded, and based on four-wheels rather than flight?

Driven Worldwide answers this clearly and emphatically: cars have a vital role to play in making a big difference in customer service for business travellers.

Our business class car service serves 1,500 locations worldwide, and while it offers on an approachable, very human, kind of personal service, it is underpinned by bespoke, cutting-edge communications technology. It means comfort, and absolute reliability.

It’s the ultimate business concierge service on wheels.

Making the Last Mile Work for Business Travel

In the world of logistics, the last mile is massively important. It is the movement of goods to their final destination, the arrival on your doorstep. This is what customer experience boils down to, and what can make or break a supply chain’s reputation.

The last mile matters, because it’s where the customer most feels the impact of the process, and how they will judge their customer experience.

The same applies to business travel.

Once people are about to leave the airport or other transport hub, they want this vital part of their journey to be seamless, and to feel totally secure.

People, Partnerships and Technology

What makes Driven Worldwide different is that we work closely with organisations globally to ensure a consistently excellent standard of service, and we’re totally focused on our customers.

This is about offering a level of support that will meet and exceed their expectations, where they will instinctively know they are in safe, reliable hands.

The added vital element is our investment in new technology to provide a strong, resilient administrative and communications structure.

This includes:

• PalmTree – our bespoke reservations platform; and
• ChaffeurCall – a dedicated communications system to ensure customers are always in touch with their drivers.

Technology is crucial as an enabler: adopting and fully integrating advanced booking, project management, tracking and communications apps puts Driven Worldwide in the position to offer a huge range of business and executive clients reassurance in their business travel combined with the ultimate in streamlined efficiency and comfort.

All our technology is fully GDPR-compliant, but also supremely user-friendly.

The Best Drivers for a Superior Service

Our worldwide selection of drivers are at the heart of our service. We make sure they perform to the highest professional standards, discreetly, helpfully and reliably.

We always carefully select drivers with superior local knowledge, because we know how helpful this can be to our business clients.

With its global resource of professional chauffeurs as a business mainstay, and with an emphasis on sleek, comfortable executive car fleets, Driven Worldwide aims to provide an essential executive level of luxury car concierge service.

{{ The business world is always going to have lots of unknowns, but business travel on four wheels doesn’t need to be one of them. }}

Whether you’re doing business across the UK, or on different continents, Driven Worldwide will ensure your road travel requirements will be met in real style.

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