Business Travel Experts Mark 10 Years of Carbon Neutrality

Chief Executive Mike Bell
Chief Executive Mike Bell
10 Years of Carbon Neutral Award
10 Years of Carbon Neutral Award

Driven Worldwide was one of the first chauffeur-driven car companies to be certified carbon neutral, and has now received a 10 Years of Carbon Neutral award from Natural Capital Partners.

Recognising the vital importance of reduced emissions in contributing to positive climate action, Driven Worldwide continues to work to support carbon neutrality and raise awareness of environmental issues.

September 2019

Awards matter when they represent tangible achievements, and this is certainly the case with the 10 Years of Carbon Neutral award from Natural Capital Partners, as Chief Executive of Driven Worldwide, Mike Bell, explains.

“We know we’re in a business where the car is central, which is why we’ve worked on reducing the emissions from our vehicles. This award recognises the value of adopting practical, achievable measures.”

Natural Capital Partners provides a clear set of guidelines for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality. It provides a framework for carbon neutral statements, known as the Carbon Neutral Protocol.

It recognises and awards those businesses that recognise the value of achieving climate targets by taking action.

Leadership in Climate Action

The UK Government, through Innovate UK, has conducted an impact review of low and zero emissions vehicles and has made it clear that the automotive industry must adapt to help lead the way for low and zero emission vehicle technology.

But the critical other half of the equation comes from adoption and usage of low emissions vehicles by businesses, organisations and consumers.

This is where corporate social responsibility becomes a key issue, and where Driven Worldwide is leading the way.

“As a chauffeur-based service provider, we were one of the first companies to be originally certified carbon neutral, in 2005. Since then we’ve kept this status by focussing on reducing our vehicle emissions. {{We’ve achieved this by carefully selecting vehicles with the lowest emissions in their class for our fleet}}.”

For Driven Worldwide, achieving and maintaining carbon neutral status is one of the pillars of its corporate social responsibility ethos.

“You have to lead by example, and if you’re in the business of providing cars for business and chauffeur class transfers, then there’s no better example than to have put a carbon neutral approach at the heart of our vehicle infrastructure, and of our business.”

This then is more than a demonstration of leadership in climate action, as it represents a positive, realistic achievement with a lasting legacy.


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