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For Road Safety Week – How a corporate advanced driver training business is turning its hand to help busy motorists become safer drivers, though bespoke driving courses.

For Road Safety Week – How a corporate advanced driver training business is turning its hand to help busy motorists become safer drivers, though bespoke driving courses.

Road safety and driver improvement is not always the most exciting of things, which sit at the top of peoples list of things to do. But for those who decide to improve their driving for whatever reason, whether its gaining their confidence after a road traffic collision, or confronting a fear of driving on motorways for example, then there is not actually much out there to help busy people, who are looking at a quick and convenient way to book themselves on a half or full day driving course.

This is a niche gap in the market that Drivers Domain identified. Apart from their core offering of helping businesses reduce the road risk of their company drivers through on-road driver training, they now also offer a range of bespoke courses to help private motorists become safer, more skillful drivers that include:

• Refresher courses – for those who want a spring clean of their driving, and to help them iron out bad habits that could be cause for concern.

• New driver courses – for parents who are keen to introduce their son or daughter to more advanced techniques in the early years of their driving career, to help them on motorways, and areas of driving they may find needs attention, with the ultimate aim of making them safer younger drivers.

• Confidence building course – For those who have not driven for a while, or have been involved in a road traffic collision and are finding it difficult to cope with certain elements of driving, such as driving on motorways, or in heavy traffic.

• Performance Car Intro – For new or current owners of high performance cars, who want to ensure their level of driving is up to the standard required for enjoying a high performance car.

“The key difference with our courses, is the fact that they are bespoke to the needs of the driver, with a range of courses carefully designed for vastly different motorists that can be conveniently arranged online, and where the tutor comes to the client for the training – not the other way round”, says Rob Morgan, Head of Driver Training at Drivers Domain

All courses are delivered by DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered tutors, who have a great deal of experience in delivering a range of bespoke, driver development courses. With a network of over 200 tutors, Drivers Domain cover almost all of the UK, and have already helped improve the driving ability and safety levels of many drivers of all ages, and experience levels, who may otherwise may never have taken additional training.

“Making it easy for people to find the right type of bespoke training, which fits around them and their busy schedule, can only mean one thing – a greater number of motorists with additional driving skills to help make our roads safer places to be” Rob continues to add.

During a typical session training looks at developing forward planning, observation, car control, speed awareness, along with a range of advanced & defensive driving techniques. After each training session a report is created, which evaluates a driver’s ability in 25 key areas of driving, both before and, most importantly, after the training, so a client can see how they improved, along with tips for the future.

The things a client will learn will be taught in either a half or full day, but could help contribute to a lifetime of safer driving.

More information about their bespoke courses for private individuals can be found at

From 0333 567 0264