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DUO bargains

Footwear specialists DUO are based in the pretty Somerset town of Frome. Famous for arts and crafts, the town’s population was largely unaware that a company who design and retail women’s calf fitting boots to all corners of the earth was quietly doing what they do best right under their noses.

Then, some months ago, DUO started holding warehouse sales. Only marketed in and around Frome, DUO‘s idea was to offer the local community something a bit special, and the idea has gone down a treat. PR Manager, Cat Travers explained the thinking behind the idea. ‘With 4 stores in the UK and as an on-line retailer, we actually have plenty of opportunity to sell off older stock through existing channels, but we felt that Warehouse Sales in Frome would give local people the chance to buy at a discounted price. It is one of the ways we feel we can give something back to our local community.’


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