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The rise of employees being allowed to 'Bring Your Own' (BYO) device into the workplace is a major set-back for information security. However, this development is being led by senior managers who are largely ignorant to the risks.

Who is to blame, and how bad is this situation?

A couple of years ago, the idea that employees might be encouraged to bring their own computing devices into the organisation, and use them for work, would have been considered a crazy idea - and a big backward step for information security.

However, a recent study by ISACA members shows that 23% of UK businesses are already allowing this. The industry even has a catchy name for it 'Bring Your Own' (BYO).

Why is BYO being pushed so strongly. Clearly, the rise of the iPad has played a big role. You only have to walk down a first class rail carriage to see more of these in use by high salary individuals than traditional laptops. Clearly, device...

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