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Web Services - Management and Compatibility
EEMA 2003 - 16th - 18th June 2003, Prague

EEMA - the independent, European non-profit association for e-Business has committed within its 16th Annual conference EEMA 2003 - the Web Services Management and Compatibility event - to bridge the information gap between suppliers, users and standard bodies on the issue of WS specifications. EEMA 2003 will clear through the smoke and mirrors to promote openness and honesty in the best interests of Web Services development.

The purpose of Web Services is to allow application to application data and process exchange across the Internet with little or no human intervention. Standards, therefore, allow Web Services developers to construct and deploy implementations that are 'ready to roll' without expensive or extensive integration work.

“The theory is sound, however there is no universal synergy of WS Standards on the horizon. We are faced with a...

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