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The popular movie characters from Underworld and X-Men, ‘Selene’ and ‘Wolverine’, made it to the top of results on the most recent poll from - ‘Scary But Sexy’, stealing the first place from Megan Fox and Johnny Depp.

With Halloween just around the corner, - the popular and addictive website for online flirting reveals the results of their most recent poll: Scary But Sexy, a light-hearted look into men and women’s perception on what is both scary and sexy when it comes to acting roles in popular cinema.

Male and female members of the website were given a choice of six different movie characters each and asked to select their favourite. The British actress, Kate Beckinsale and the Australian-born actor Hugh Jackman top the results with their roles as ‘SELENE’, a vampire female warrior in the movie ‘Underworld’, and ‘WOLVERINE’ - a mutant-turned weapon in the...

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