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The inefficiencies of in-person tuition

In a time when students' attainment gap is at an all-time high, start-up Eedi gives KS2 and KS3 students affordable unlimited access to online maths tuition.

Students returning to the classroom will confront the disruption that Covid-19 and lockdown has had on their education. To help students catch-up and review missed content, Eedi, a British edtech start-up now offers students unlimited online maths tuition for less than 2 GBP per week — ten times more affordable than the average tutor hour.

Research shows that one-to-one tuition increases children's results and motivation. However, the exorbitant costs of a private maths tutor has made getting help out of reach to most British families. Many education companies have made online learning more affordable by removing live tutors from the equation, but in doing so they have become unable to motivate children and adapt to their immediate needs...

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