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HARROGATE, NORTH YORKSHIRE – 8 August 2001 – lends a helping hand to stricken free fax customers as free service providers bite the dust. In the pioneering days of the Internet, users enjoyed free connections, free email, free shipping and even free fax to email services. But the cost of actually providing free online businesses have taken their toll and free fax to email services are being withdrawn, as continually unprofitable. As Free fax service providers shut up shop, are we now seeing the move from free to fee?

“Free fax to email services have failed to make a profit and their owning companies are pulling the plug on them. When it comes to customer service, the age of free is over,” says Mark Oglesby, Managing Director of efax Ltd. “What’s more – people are fed up with so-called free services which don’t work properly. Users often get no technical support and no comeback when things go wrong. Businesses and individuals who rely on these free...

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