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New Benchmarks Validate Egnyte as World's Fastest File Sharing Platform for the Enterprise

for 50GB of data, Egnyte can sync the changes in just 7 minutes vs. an average 72 hours for its main competitors

Latest Numbers Verify Egnyte Solution Dramatically Outpaces All Cloud-only File Sharing Solutions

LONDON, UK (August 28th, 2013) – Egnyte today released its new benchmark results* confirming that its market-leading file sharing sync and storage platform for the enterprise is the fastest solution on the market today. These results from Egnyte’s testing validate the superiority of Egnyte’s unique solution over all other single user desktop sync products and cloud-only solutions currently on the market.

Egnyte’s own statistics show that in a typical company, business users edit approximately 10% of their total files on a regular basis. Egnyte just syncs the changes using its own block delta sync technology, so 1/10 of the file is actually sent over the network. Cloud-only solutions must sync the entire file. The comparable results are dramatic: for 50GB of data, Egnyte can sync the changes in just 7 minutes vs. an average 72 hours for its main competitors. This underscores the dramatic bandwidth needs of cloud-only file sharing solutions when compared with Egnyte’s solution, which offers the unique ability to efficiently sync on-premise storage with cloud storage.

50GB equates to around 5,000 songs, 600 short videos, 20,000 photographs, 50,000 documents or any combination of such files. Across a medium-sized business, it’s not unrealistic for 100 users to sync 50GB in files on a regular basis.

Beyond speed, there is also a significant network cost element of cloud-only file sharing. An office with a standard Internet network connection of 20Mbps will typically pay $500 per month on average. While the Egnyte storage sync solution easily works within available network bandwidth, a cloud-only solution would quickly saturate this network connection when trying to maintain a comparable file sharing performance. Egnyte’s benchmark report calculates customers with a competitor’s cloud-only solution would have to pay up to $6000+/month to acquire an additional 420 Mbps/month to handle an equivalent amount of traffic.

“These results validate why more than half of our 30,000 customers leverage a combination of on-premise storage and cloud storage,” said Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. “Collaboration happens anywhere business is conducted and its unacceptable to slow down the pace of business with technical issues such as network latency or unpredictable Internet connections. I firmly believe our solution offers the best combination of cloud and on-premise capabilities to ensure that no matter where you are, you can get quick, secure and reliable access to the information you need.”


Over 1 billion files are shared daily by businesses using Egnyte's unique technology, which provides the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud. Users can easily store, share, access and backup files, while IT has the centralized administration and control to enforce business policies. Founded in 2007, Egnyte is based in Mountain View, California and is a privately held company backed by venture capital firms Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Floodgate Fund, and Polaris Venture Partners. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-7EGNYTE.

*Benchmark results available upon request.

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