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Egnyte Aims to Combat $25B in Annual Data Loss, Launches New Data Governance Solution

While our roots have been in the Enterprise File Sync and Share space, we saw a real opportunity to capitalize on all the analytics we acquired

Egnyte Protect brings data management and data protection to any enterprise content

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif and London, UK. – June 7, 2016 – Egnyte, the industry leader in enterprise file services, today announced the launch of the first hybrid data governance solution for enterprise, Egnyte Protect. Expanding upon Egnyte’s award winning hybrid EFSS solution, now named Egnyte Connect, Egnyte Protect provides customers visibility, insight, and control over files accessed in any content environment – including popular services like Box, Sharepoint and others.

Egnyte is storage agnostic and therefore uniquely positioned to collect, analyze and classify all activities surrounding customers’ business content no matter where it’s stored – in the cloud or on-premises. Egnyte Protect gives IT universal control over their content, no matter how it is created, accessed, edited, or shared. Organizations can safely allow employees to customize their digital workplace with the apps and devices of their choice – embracing shadow IT and optimizing business workflows and productivity.

“The reality is 85% of content currently lives on-premises, but 85% of apps are running in the cloud, so organizations need solutions that orchestrate all content, without compromising time, investment or existing workflows,” said Vineet Jain, CEO at Egnyte. “While our roots have been in the Enterprise File Sync and Share space, we saw a real opportunity to capitalize on all the analytics we acquired and learned from our platform file usage to help customers get smarter about how they manage their content.”

Egnyte Protect will be comprised of four file services:

Access Control – Identify issues with your access and permissions functions so that you can ensure only the people who need to access files can access them

· Eliminate non-secure links to comply with regulatory requirements

· Unify permissions across your content repositories for greater control and security

· Find unusual user access patterns to limit costly data leakage

Selective Encryption – Keep a select subset of your files encrypted at all times, even after they leave your system - and your control to prevent unauthorized viewing of sensitive, confidential or regulated content.

Data Residency – Control the location of your content, between cloud or on-premises storage, across geographical boundaries and even different vendors to comply with data sovereignty laws and other regulations.

Data Retention – Control when and how long your files should be retained, and who can access and modify them.

“Data governance is an area IT departments historically tend to shy away from because of the perceived effort and time to value when it comes to creating and enforcing policies. Most organizations need to hire experts, invest in equipment and spend months figuring out the right implementation — modifying policies as they uncover issues. The Egnyte Protect Smart Content Governance Solution offers IT departments SaaS delivery of a solution that comes with built-in analytical insight, scalability, security and quick time to value to control content in the cloud and on-premises.” said Sean Pike, program director, eDiscovery and Information Governance, IDC.

A select group of Egnyte Connect customers and partners have already witnessed the benefits of the all-new Egnyte Protect solution as part of our beta and technology partner program:

As an international business with employees and customers in multiple countries all over the world, it is very important for us to not only have secure access to our content but to have visibility and insight into the activity around it,” said Geoff Smith, Head of IT at HotelTonight. “With Egnyte Protect we not only get visibility and insight but we also have a level of control like never before, giving us the ability to make real-time decisions that can increase productivity for our employees while ensuring privacy and security for our customers.”

"The foundation for securing and managing content access is identity management, user permissions and defining and provisioning the right policies for content,” said David Meyer, VP of Product at OneLogin. Egnyte Protect offers access control that helps identify unusual access patterns as well as unified permissioning across content and repositories. By layering on OneLogin's comprehensive SSO, Provisioning and IAM functionality, IT can now leverage a powerful, synergistic set of capabilities to ensure content doesn't make its way into the wrong hands."

Pricing and Availability

Egnyte Connect is available. More at:

Beginning with Access Control, Egnyte Protect will continue to roll-out its service offerings over time in alignment with customer demand and requirements. For more information on the Egnyte Protect, please visit

About Egnyte

Egnyte transforms business through smarter content allowing organizations to connect, protect, and unlock value from all their content. Our Content Intelligence platform delivers smart content collaboration and governance in the cloud or on-premises to thousands of businesses around the world even the most regulated industries. Founded in 2007, Egnyte is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Investors include venture capital firms, such as Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, as well as technology partners, such as CenturyLink and Seagate Technology. Please visit or call 1-877-7EGNYTE for more information.

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