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The B-Safe/Kidz Safe range

The cold winter months bring with them the biggest threat of infection and exposure to germs. Only last week the NHS was appealing for help to prevent the spread of the winter vomiting bug novovirus, which is reported to have already affected 500,000 people across the UK.
This proves we all need to do our upmost to protect ourselves from the spread of germs.

MediTrust has developed a family of products that will do just that and provide peace of mind whether at home, at work or even on holiday.

The B-Safe and Kidz Safe antibacterial sprays come in handy 100ml bottles, and fit easily into any bag.

They’re so versatile they can be sprayed into the hands or onto surfaces and are scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of germs including influenza viruses, e coli, listeria, gastroenteritis and streptococci.


So how are B-Safe and Kidz Safe different to other hand santisers?


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