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According to research carried out by a digital marketing agency, the majority of small businesses in the UK do not have a documented marketing plan, with 64% of business owners stating that they do not have one.

It appears that most business owners prefer to play things by ear when it comes to their marketing, when asked "Do you have a written/documented marketing plan?" 64.4% of small business owners answered "No".

The study was conducted by Engineered Marketing as part of their research into small businesses in the UK and how they manage their marketing.

The most interesting finding was that women appeared to be less likely to have a marketing plan, with 70% of women saying they did not have a marketing plan compared to just 62.2% of men.

When broken down by age, it appears as though the older generations tended to be better prepared with a marketing plan, with those aged over 65 being the best prepared. The age groups...

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