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Eniram Launches EVP4 – the next generation Eniram Vessel Platform – to spearhead new advances in optimizing vessel operations to save fuel

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Eniram unveils technology and integration advances to turbo charge vessel optimization to give shipping companies greater control of fuel cost.

Helsinki, Finland – June, 2013 – Eniram Limited, fast growing provider of energy management solutions and data analytic services to the shipping industry, is launching the 4th generation of its flagship Eniram Vessel Platform (EVP), which serves as the backbone for all Eniram optimization applications. The re-architected platform can easily be installed onboard a vessel and integrated with its existing systems. While retaining the benefits of Eniram’s highly accurate vessel performance monitoring methodology it now incorporates many new features that take vessel optimization to a totally new level in terms of functionality, accuracy and detail.

Faced with increased operating costs stemming from environmental compliance and high fuel prices, shipping companies are seeking new ways to optimize the operations of their existing fleets as well as their new builds. Eniram’s next generation platform gives the shipping industry a future-proof foundation to optimize the performance of their vessels. New applications addressing speed management and engine performance can now be combined with Eniram’s advanced dynamic trimming technology to collectively achieve fuel savings of 10% or more.

Eniram is the first company to collect and store real-time dynamic vessel data and, by utilising precision analysis techniques, bring insight to fuel efficiency guidance. The new platform is building on this leadership in using dynamic data to understand how efficiencies can be achieved. Data collected by the Eniram Vessel Platform is analysed and modeled by Eniram’s advanced state-of-the-art analysis methodology. This enables the connection between crew operations and fuel consumption to be clearly seen and the impact of influencing factors such as current, wind, waves, etc. to be precisely pinpointed and quantified.

Specifically, the new platform benefits customer vessel operations with:

• Increased data sources (including forecast data) making optimization guidance more accurate

• Advanced data compression algorithms enabling data transmission using less satellite bandwidth

• Scalability to extend optimization to other areas such as speed and engine management

• Web-based user interface enabling access via onboard computer, iPad or other smart devices

“In launching this next generation vessel platform, Eniram is proudly taking key vessel performance measurements, based on real-time data, to deeper layers of integration and visualization. By extending our capabilities in real-time performance modeling, Eniram is empowering customers with accurate intelligence to push through effective efficiency drives” said Philip Padfield, CEO of Eniram.

About Eniram
Our vision is to transform the way the global shipping industry thinks, builds and operates vessels efficiently. We provide energy management technology to reduce fuel vessel consumption and emissions. We help our customers save fuel by providing the world’s most advanced and simple decision support systems both on-board and on-shore. Using our technology, shipping companies can save up-to 10% of fuel per vessel. Our solutions are used by world’s leading ship operators.

The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has subsidiaries in the UK, USA and Singapore. Eniram website:

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