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Eniram introduces updated product features and renamed product line

Comprehensive map and chart views

Helsinki, Finland - Tues, Sept. 16 - Eniram, the Finnish award-winning provider of fuel-saving technology, announced at SMM 2014 the release of two next-generation product offerings that will provide shipping companies additional savings on fuel and reduce harmful CO2 emissions. The products were showcased during the SMM trade show from Sept. 9 -12 in Hamburg, Germany.

The new software upgrades reflect Eniram's commitment to extensive product development in the marine real-time data-gathering intelligence market.

Eniram SpeedTM provides additional in-depth fuel usage key performance indicators

Reaching port just-in-time at the lowest cost is a constant challenge for shipowners and operators. Eniram Speed 2.0 (formerly called Optimum Speed Assistant) is the only speed optimization solution on the market that continuously takes into account all the prevailing dynamic conditions, ensuring that the recommended profile is always up to date and accurate.

Speed optimization is based on high-resolution weather and ocean data with no cumbersome configuration of forecasts. Eniram Speed supports different fuel types used during the voyage for optimizing Just-in-Time arrivals, speed in ECA areas and propulsion plant efficiency. Additionally, the seabed profile is also taken into account in the speed optimization profile in order to minimize squatting effects.

Once the crew selects the desired route and ETA, Eniram Speed calculates the optimum RPM and continually updates the profile during the voyage based on real-time data that includes variable changing conditions. Baseline forecasts have been replaced with real-time forecasts for sea currents, wind and service power, enabling crew to better understand forecasted winds and sea currents along the sea passage.

Eniram FleetTM goes deeper to provide even more vessel performance visibility

Profitability depends on maximizing uptime and efficiency across an entire fleet.

Eniram Fleet 3.0 (formerly called Fleet Performance Manager) monitors specific performance parameters which can be viewed across a selected time period or voyage, to pinpoint areas of energy loss so crew can take prompt corrective action. Data is viewed via comprehensive, easy-to-read maps and digital charts that assist Fleet Managers in visualizing vessel and fleet performance. Reports can be sorted by vessel types, e.g. LNG and generated for single vessels, vessel groups or between vessel classes.

Upgrades include Comparison Mode which enables selection of identical legs from the route history of different vessels in order to make decisions on optimal fuel usage. In Dashboard Mode, a simple click reveals fleet performance 24/7 with a single view. Key variables are shown in map view, along with a 5-day history. Spark-line graph allows instantaneous review of vessel fuel performance while vessel positions shown real-time on a map. The Extract Tools allows data from key variable groups (e.g. Navigation, Automation, Tank, Ballast, Cargo etc.) to be exported to a Microsoft Excel worksheet for further calculations, and allows pivoting using multiple time and schedule periods and support various aggregation options. Additionally, areas of interest on the map can be selected with the Box Select Option and the Box will activate those areas to drill-down and help with further analysis.

Commenting on these proprietary system enhancements, Mr Pyry Åvist, VP Products, Eniram says: "We've reached a new benchmark with these two upgraded product offerings. Eniram Speed 2.0 and Eniram Fleet 3.0 now deliver even more robust real-time data and insight for ship owners and operators which will add additional proven cost-savings to worldwide commercial fleets."

As part of the new product feature launch, Eniram renamed their complete suite of state-of-the-art software products; Vessel Performance Manager is now known as Eniram Performance, Engine Load Assistant is now Eniram Engine, Dynamic Trimming Assistant is Eniram Trim, and Eniram Vessel Platform is now Eniram Platform.

About Eniram

Established in 2005, Eniram provides the maritime industry with energy management technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Created by experienced seafarers and technologists, Eniram’s solutions range from single onboard applications to comprehensive fleet analysis. They are used by small and large shipping companies on ships ranging from cruise liners, tankers, container ships, bulkers and ferries. In 2013, Eniram's customers saved 35,000 tons of fuel and $35 million in operating costs.
Eniram is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has subsidiaries in the UK, the USA, Germany and Singapore.