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Salesnet and Entelegen® celebrate Salesnet's 25th Anniversary product edition

Through UK Premier Partner, on-demand CRM leader introduces hundreds of new features and announces extension of CRM footprint

Boston, MA and Windsor, UK - February 13, 2006: Salesnet, the leading provider of on-demand CRM software focused on driving sales effectiveness, today launched the 25th Anniversary Edition of Salesnet's enterprise on-demand CRM product. Providing 250 new features, the release showcases the broadening of Salesnet's CRM footprint into Marketing Automation, including Lead Management, Campaign Management, HTML emails and more. Entelegen, Europe's leading provider of outsourced services for sales effectiveness, is proud to offer the new functionality to their prospects and customers as Salesnet’s Premier Partner for the UK.

To prepare current and potential customers for this monumental release, Salesnet launched an official preview website,, in September 2005. Each week since the launch of, the company has revealed several new features for customers to review; by demonstrating the nuances of each new feature in an interactive way, customer and prospects have been able to digest the features without being overwhelmed with a slew of new capabilities.

"As a current customer I appreciated the thought put into this release - not only the incredible new features, but the way in which these were delivered," said Andrew Jenkins, managing director of Classwatch®, a Salesnet user and Entelegen customer. "We have been monitoring the site and because of the detail put into the explanation of each feature, we are prepared to go live with the new edition upon its release and will be able to immediately take advantage of the new features."

The Salesnet 25th Anniversary edition includes significant enhancements and new functionality, such as:

-- Lead Management
The new leads module greatly improves sales effectiveness as only qualified leads are "converted" to sales. A Lead Dashboard will provide in-depth analysis of lead activities and includes access to several pre-built lead reports. This Dashboard section includes the ability to generate customised dashboard elements based on lead fields allowing users to track the progress of leads throughout the qualification process.

-- Campaign Management
The Campaigns module allows users to track and measure the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns and gives users the ability to store high level Campaign information in one central location, track Campaigns against pre-defined goals and analyse Campaigns in real-time. This gives marketers the ability to modify Campaign elements in real-time to continuously improve performance.

-- HTML email
The Communicate Tool gives designated individuals the ability to create HTML emails using a WYSIWYG email editor with no HTML programming skills required. Additionally, users are able to send an unlimited number of emails via the Communicate Tool using a company’s own mail server.

-- User interface customisation and administration
Several new features enable a company to customise the application, such as the ability to re-term the Campaign, Lead, Account, Contact and Deal tabs and to re-term most Built-In-Fields, allowing the application to be customised to match any company's corporate vernacular and style.

"Salesnet's 25th anniversary edition ensures that the upstream processes that feed into the SFA module are optimised and that the products of those upstream processes — i.e. leads — are the best that they can be," said Denis Pombriant, principle of Beagle Research. "The benefit of this approach is better and more qualified leads resulting in faster sales processes, less time and resource waste on poorly qualified deals that will never close, and better margins and profits."

"This upgrade is not simply about the quantity of features, but about our ability to create the most useable and configurable application in the industry and to deliver it in a manner that will allow our customers to easily take advantage of each new feature. We have been invigorated by the response we have received from our weekly feature previews and believe this release will surpass our customers' expectations," said Richard Perkett, chief technology officer and co-founder of Salesnet. "The Salesnet 25th Edition will give customers significant enhancements to our industry leading sales-focused application, but more importantly, it will offer them an extension of our product, beyond SFA, at no extra cost or effort on their behalf."

Today, Salesnet is also announcing the first of many customer wins gained in head-to-head competition with [See also, 'Greenpages Selects Salesnet's 25th Anniversary Edition Over Salesforce.Com Winter '06']. This win and the others to be announced in the coming weeks will underscore that as customer frustration with continues to increase, Salesnet is quickly growing its reputation as the alternative to SFDC.

Salesnet, the leading provider of on-demand CRM software focused on driving sales effectiveness, delivers solutions that empower companies to sell more. Since 2000, Salesnet's hosted CRM solutions have served as proven alternatives to expensive, complex, packaged or premise-based CRM software. Organisations such as American Express Incentive Services, Birch Telecom, Software AG, Sovereign Bank, and Tellabs use Salesnet to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of global sales organisations. Salesnet's Guided Performance Selling (GPS) strategy leverages software-as-a-service, configuration-as-a-service™, integration-as-a-service™, and administration-as-a-service™ to offer products and services designed to drive the fastest ROI in the CRM industry. In addition, Salesnet's exclusive Customer Success Roadmap strategy is aimed at driving ongoing business value with on-demand CRM. Salesnet, headquartered in Boston, provides additional information on its products a
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Entelegen is Europe's leading provider of outsourced sales and market acceleration solutions to technology companies establishing an international market presence. Entelegen increases sales effectiveness, expedites growth in revenues and enhances bottom-line results for clients by providing access to highly experienced sales professionals, proven processes and innovative technologies. Entelegen has provided solutions for EMC, Samsung, Thales and VIA as well as many leading specialist software vendors. Entelegen also provides exclusive UK market presence for BlueTie, QuoteASP, Salesnet and Scorecard Systems. For more information, visit

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