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WeCanDo.BIZ leads the next wave of Social Networking

This time the emphasis is on tangible business benefits and any company can participate

London, UK – 31 March 2008: WeCanDo.BIZ Limited, based in London, announces the launch of the next wave of Web 2.0 Social Networking. Aimed at UK-based businesses and consumers alike the service, which will be available from the web address, is the first of its type to provide tangible business benefits by putting trusted businesses and buyers together, with tools to help facilitate sales.

Existing social networks focus on person to person relationships, with the benefits typically felt only by individuals and only if they are prepared to put in the work. Teenagers have fully embraced the medium to connect with friends, but business people have been left perplexed as to how they benefit without losing many hours a day on such websites, vainly scavenging for possible businesses opportunities.

“Facebook, LinkedIn and XING can be used by business people to find new customers, but they are compromised,” says Ian Hendry, founder and director of WeCanDo.BIZ. “They require that you work them hard to make the right connections and get yourself promoted; and they often involve you sharing information that may not be appropriate or of interest to people who just want to find a specific quality business to deal with.”

WeCanDo.BIZ puts the emphasis on promoting the business ahead of the individual. Once a business person lists their organisation using the service, existing customers can be invited to connect with that business. As each customer connects, they are invited to endorse the business. Each endorsement gets the business promoted higher in the website’s Trusted Business Search, a searchable directory listing aimed at business buyers and consumers. More endorsements means more happy customers, increasing confidence in that business. At the same time, buyers can achieve greater trust that the businesses they make a connection with are of high quality and integrity -- information that cannot be readily obtained using standard search engines or Internet Yellow Pages listings like Google, Yell, Scoot or Applegate.

But the big difference with other sites of this type is that each business’s customers become its salesforce -- as they endorse a business, their own contacts will see their recommendations. Search on printers in Manchester, for example, and the list of trusted businesses returned will be headed by those recommended by your network of friends and colleagues.

“Your customers do all the work for you,” says Ian Hendry. “WeCanDo.BIZ promotes businesses that people you know are happy to recommend above the rest. So the best businesses get promoted with little effort; and those people looking for businesses find out which ones are recommended by the people they know, without having to call every one of their contacts in turn. Everyone benefits and we think the combination is hard to beat.”

WeCanDo.BIZ launches the full public site on 28 April 2008 and business registrations are already being accepted at The basic service will be free to businesses, buyers and consumers.

About WeCanDo.BIZ
WeCanDo.BIZ provides a web-based service where individuals can find quality businesses that have been recommended by their own network of contacts. It is free to join. It enables businesses owners and managers to promote their companies to a growing community of members, who can then endorse them as suppliers. The more endorsements, the higher the companies are listed in the WeCanDo.BIZ Trusted Business Search. Using social networking methods to build a network of contacts, members can also share details of businesses they recommend. The services launches on 28 April 2008 at

Media contact:

Ian Hendry
Director and Founder
+44 (0)20 3239 6399