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A study published in the latest edition of Obesity Facts, The European Journal of Obesity, which compares different methods of weight loss may offer a fresh way to help address the obesity crisis that is draining health reserves.

Sedentary lifestyles and increasing consumption of convenience foods are being blamed for the dramatic rise in obesity levels in England. The NHS Information Centre reports that in 2007, one in four adults was classified as obese. If left unchecked this could rise to nine in 10 adults by 2050.

The results of this independent study, led by Dr Dirk Vissers in Belgium, show that Power PlateĀ® exercise, combined with a calorie-controlled diet, has the potential both to help overweight people lose weight and to maintain this weight loss.*

It concluded that combining whole body vibration (WBV) training with caloric restriction can help to achieve a sustained long-term weight loss of 5-10%. The preliminary data show that...

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