Esker’s Faxgate v7.0 Awarded Teleconnect Magazine’s “2000 Product of the Year” for Fax Software

STILLWATER, OK - January 8, 2001 - Esker today announced that Faxgate v7.0 has been named Teleconnect magazine’s 2000 "Product of the Year" in the category of fax software. The honor, bestowed on "the most useful and practical products and services for voice and fax communications," was announced in the January 2001 edition of Teleconnect. The exclusive award was presented to only seventeen products and restricted to one winner per category. No other fax software products were recognized.

Faxgate v7.0 provides a single, complete fax automation solution for high-performance desktop fax in any network and high-volume production fax from any host. In desktop environments, Faxgate automates sending, receiving, and routing. In production environments, Faxgate sends and archives high volumes of application-generated documents. Faxgate provides easy-to-use client and administrative interfaces and integrates with multiple hosts, network types, messaging programs, and business applications. With its comprehensive set of features for efficient fax communication, Faxgate is designed to help organizations streamline document exchange, increase productivity, and reduce messaging costs. Teleconnect magazine presented their award largely on the strength of Esker’s General Document Recognition (GDR) technology - part of Faxgate v7.0 and an integral component of the soon-to-be announced Pulse product, an intelligent multi-channel output delivery solution.

GDR provides a foundation for expanding Faxgate into an Intelligent Information Delivery (IID) server. It automates faxing from legacy or packaged applications without code-level modification, making previously unsupportable host documents faxable and decreasing costs to fax-enable applications. The requirement to mark-up legacy print streams with proprietary tags is replaced with GDR, which distinguishes between different types of documents, handles each type uniquely, and determines routing information.

"I am pleased that Teleconnect took the time to investigate the products nominated for the 2000 Product of the Year Award," says Dan Speer, CEO of Esker. "I am delighted at their insight into Esker's Faxgate and their recognition of advanced features like GDR, which led the editors to set Faxgate apart from other fax solutions available. This honor not only recognizes Faxgate, but reflects Esker’s commitment over the last two decades to helping enterprises distribute information electronically."

Pricing and Availability

Faxgate v7.0 is currently available, with pricing beginning at $1,295. The Pulse product announcement will occur in January 2001.

About Esker

Esker software enables intelligent access to and delivery of core business information from any data source, in any format, to any recipient. Organizations use Esker software to streamline information exchange, open new channels of communication, and achieve business objectives with new levels of speed and efficiency. Esker extends the reach of information technologies and shortens the distance between people and information. The company’s products include:

- Corridor for Active Server and Corridor Wireless for legacy applications extension

- Persona

- for web-to-host connectivity

- PulseTM for Intelligent Information Delivery

- SmarTerm

- for PC-based host access

- Tun

- Plus for PC-to-host, web-to-host, and multi-user Windows connectivity

The company was founded in 1985 and is traded on the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marché: 3581). In 1999, the company achieved sales of $29.4 million - a 44% increase over 1998. In September 2000, Esker finalized an agreement to acquire VSI, a California-based developer of fax server solutions. Esker’s operations span North America, South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific with about 300 employees and an installed base of two million licensed users worldwide. For more information, visit: