Esker: Strong Growth in Revenue over 2nd Quarter 2001

Acceleration in growth in Intelligent Information Delivery products

Large rise in sales in the American market


~ 1st Q 2001(€M)

IID* - 3.2

Host Access - 5.12

Total - 8.38

~ 2nd Q 2000(€M)

IID* - 1.23

Host Access - 5.01

Total - 6.24

~ Net Growth

IID* - +164.8%

Host Access - +2.1%

Total - +34.2%

~ Adjusted Figures**

IID* - +39.8%

Host Access - +2.1%

Total - +14.1%

* Intelligent Information Delivery : comprises fax server products and new
electronic document delivery solution : PULSE.

** Includes VSI revenue in 2000.

Sales Activity for 2nd Quarter 2001:

Revenue in the second quarter 2001 grew 14.1 percent, adjusted, to reach
8.38 million €. Sales activity over the first six months of 2001 shows a
return to growth for Esker with an increase of 4.7 percent in relation to
the first quarter 2000.

Each of Esker’s product lines contributed to this exceptional result. The
IID (Intelligent Information Delivery) product range continues to accelerate
in growth and is progressing at nearly 40 percent. PULSE, the new product in
the range launched in February 2001, contributes significantly to the growth
of the range, representing more than 12 percent of IID orders for the month
of June 2001. More generally, the reception of our products on the market
remains very positive and Esker will continue to benefit from its position
as a world leader in the industry.

The decline in Host Access products revenue was halted, and the second
quarter saw a return to growth in revenue : +2.1 percent in comparison to
the previous year and +9.1 percent compared to the first quarter 2001.
Esker remains confident in pursuing favourable results like these throughout
the rest of the year. It forecasts being able to capitalize on being
recognized as a leading software vendor, having well-positioned products on
the worldwide market.

Second quarter activity was driven by a particularly dynamic American
market, with a growth in revenue of more than 33 percent in comparison to
the same period in 2000. For the entire first semester, the increase
surpassed 17 percent. These results were reached despite the downturn in
economic growth experienced in the United States. This demonstrates the
relevance of Esker’s strategy developed in the US for nearly ten years .

Concerning the sale of PULSE

PULSE is the first intelligent multi-channel electronic document delivery
server available on the market. Already, since its debut in February 2001,
more than 30 complete server solutions have been sold worldwide. Our diverse
customer base includes such names as Valéo, Cofinoga, Imerys or C&S
Wholesale Grocers. The sales portfolio has been in constant growth since the
launch; its current value exceeds 1.5 million €, with many deals still under
negotiation. Esker will be pursuing an aggressive sales policy over the
course of 2001, based on two strategies:

- Direct sales to large customer accounts emphasizing the significant
reduction of information distribution costs through the use of multi-channel
delivery (e-mail, fax, web posting, SMS, hybrid mail, etc). In this sector,
Esker is specifically targeting organizations equipped with ERP applications
(particularly SAP), areas in which Esker has recognized expertise and
international commercial success.

- Partnership agreements with software manufacturers and value-added
integrators who specialize in domains where the circulation of information
is critical. Esker favours both those involved in sales and financial
management (ERP) and those in the document management business
itsel(creation, indexing, archiving etc).

About Esker

Esker Software solutions enable intelligent access to and delivery of core
business information from any data source, in any format, to any recipient.
Organizations use Esker software to streamline information exchange, open
new channels of communication, and achieve business objectives with new
levels of speed and efficiency. Esker extends the reach of information
technologies and shortens the distance between people and information. The
company’s products include:

- Faxgate and PULSE for Intelligent Information Delivery

- SmarTerm, Tun Plus, Persona, Corridor for Active Server, and Corridor
Wireless for host access.

The company was founded in 1985 and is traded on the French Stock Exchange
(Le Nouveau Marché: 3581). In 2000, it reported sales of 27.4 million Euros
(about $25.9 million). In September 2000, Esker finalised an agreement to
acquire VSI, a California-based developer of fax server solutions. Esker's
operations span North America, South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific with
about over 300 employees and an installed base of two million licensed users
worldwide. For more information, visit:

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