Esker Software recognised in the Distributed Output Management Magic Quadrant

Esker’s PulseTM product transforms traditional print documents and print streams to electronic formats and delivers automatically via web, email, fax, print, or wireless

LYON, France - 19 March 2002 – Less than one year after initial release of PulseTM, its multi-channel electronic document delivery solution, Esker Software has been listed in the Distributed Output Management (DOM) Magic Quadrant published by analyst firm Gartner.*

The 2002 DOM Magic Quadrant defines Distributed Output Management as “middleware that drives the output process and supports the automated creation and delivery of business process and ad hoc documents” (J. Lundy/G. Landers, “The 2002 DOM Magic Quadrant: Moving Beyond Print,” Gartner Research Note, 9 January 2002). The DOM category, at one time limited to print management products, now includes solutions that also deliver output via fax server, web server, email, and other electronic technologies.

Pulse, Esker’s Distributed Output Management solution, delivers business documents in the electronic or traditional print formats that enterprise customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and other recipients require. Organizations such as Sony, Philips, Experian, GMAC, Hertz, Hershey Foods, and Willamette Industries use Pulse to reduce document distribution costs, accelerate business transaction cycles, and add value to ERP and other system investments. Esker’s partners, including France Telecom, Cincom, La Poste, and Indus International, add significant value to the solutions and services they provide by integrating Pulse multi-channel e-document delivery.

Pulse captures print streams or print documents generated by enterprise applications, transforms them into new electronic formats – HTML, XML, PDF, TIFF, and text – and delivers them via public or secure web, email, fax, distributed print, and wireless message. Pulse is an international solution available in five languages.

“We describe Pulse as Intelligent Information DeliveryTM,” says Bashrat Din, Managing Director for Esker, EMEA. “Its unique core technology recognises document and print-stream content. Based on this recognition, it intelligently reformats the output and automatically delivers the appropriate electronic document. Those who implement or integrate Pulse – customers, carrier services, application service providers, or strategic partners – realize very tangible benefits from this innovative technology. It significantly extends the information power of any existing system – front office, back office, ERP, supply chain management. It accelerates document processing and delivery to reduce costs and improve profitability. And it enables delivery of business documents through the channels recipients require, whether they’re a global enterprise using the latest web-based communication or a corner store with a single fax machine.”

Adds Jean-Michel Bérard, worldwide Esker CEO, “Pulse offers the enterprise a new breed of document logistics software. We are pleased that Pulse – and Esker – have earned recognition in the Gartner 2002 DOM Magic Quadrant, and we are working today to achieve still greater success. We continue to build on our solid customer base, our established channels in the U.S. and Europe, and our strong partnerships with service providers, independent software vendors, strategic partners, and others. Most important, our creative, experienced worldwide team is now making Esker’s strategic vision a reality.”

About Esker Software

Esker Software solutions enable intelligent access to and delivery of core business information. Organisations use Esker software to streamline information exchange, open new channels of communication, and achieve business objectives with new levels of speed and efficiency. The company’s products include:

¨ PulseTM, VSI-FAXTM, VSI-FAX for Notes, and Faxgate for Intelligent Information DeliveryTM

¨ SmarTerm, TunPlus, and Persona for host access.

Esker is traded on Euronext – the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marché/Euroclear: 3581). With offices in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific, Esker has shipped over 80,000 document servers and has a host-access installed base of two-million licensed users.

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