Esker launches customer-focused strategies to improve enterprise document communications

LYON, France, and SHARDLOW, Derbyshire, 28 October 2002 – Esker Software, the information and document communications leader, is responding to customer needs and changing business conditions with product and market strategies that address critical challenges facing the information-driven enterprise.

“From our global customers and partners,” says Jean-Michel Bérard, Esker CEO, “Esker has gained a real-world perspective on the rising costs of document exchange, the need to delivery-enable a broad spectrum of enterprise information systems, and the increasing diversity of the information supply chain. As an innovator and leader in information delivery for 15 years, Esker Software has the advantage of experience in solving exactly these problems. Today, we are taking new strategic measures to help the enterprise respond most effectively to the many challenges of document communications.”

Two new Esker solutions families—Esker DeliveryWare Solutions and Esker Fax Server Solutions—represent the industry’s most complete approach to information delivery and document communications. With these two product lines, enterprises can meet any critical need—whether for a single-output point solution or a total inter- and intra-enterprise document communications vision.

As a key part of its strategy, Esker is also introducing Esker DeliveryWare Platform, a total enterprise solution and enterprise-level brand to replace the Pulse product brand. Combining powerful, patent-pending software with strategic consulting and implementation services, Esker DeliveryWare provides the blueprint and tools enterprises need to build tomorrow’s document communications strategy today.

Implemented as a total solution, Esker DeliveryWare Platform:

¨ Connects all enterprise information systems in a single end-to-end DeliveryWare infrastructure

¨ Transforms any application output into electronic documents and automates their delivery via web, wireless, email, fax, distributed print, hybrid mail, and other channels

¨ Aligns information delivery with the business process through intelligent rules-based automation

¨ Strengthens customer and partner relationships by enabling responsive, personalised communication

¨ Improves profitability by extending the value of information systems, reducing hardcopy document delivery costs, and generating rapid return on investment

¨ Boosts competitiveness by enabling powerful information and document strategies.

As another key aspect of its strategic vision, Esker is re-affirming its leadership in and commitment to enterprise fax automation. Three Esker Fax Server Solutions—Esker Fax (formerly Pulse for Fax), Esker VSI-FAX, and Esker VSI-FAX for Notes—provide fully integrated desktop fax and automated production fax for Windows, Unix, Linux, and Lotus Notes platforms. The Esker Fax Server Solutions family is the industry’s most comprehensive fax server line, capable of supporting every enterprise that relies on fax for critical business communications. Recognising also that enterprises need the flexibility to respond to changing business conditions, Esker includes technologies in every Fax Server Solution for direct migration to Esker DeliveryWare Platform.

Esker DeliveryWare Platform 3.0 is scheduled for release in December 2002. Esker Fax 3.0 is scheduled for release in early 2003.

About Esker Software

Esker Software’s integrated information solutions connect people and information. Providing access to enterprise host systems and enabling delivery of business information from any enterprise source to any destination, Esker solutions include:

¨ Esker DeliveryWare Platform

¨ Esker Fax, Esker VSI-FAX, and Esker VSI-FAX for Notes

¨ Persona by Esker, SmarTerm by Esker, and TunPlus by Esker.

Esker is traded on Euronext–the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marché/Euroclear: 3581). With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific, Esker has shipped over 80,000 document solutions and has a host-access installed base of more than two-million licensed users. Esker Software solutions drive value by driving information. For more information, visit

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