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More Women Get Comfortable with Clip-on Earrings!

Clip on Earring Fitments for Comfort

“I love earrings but got to a point where I had stretched my earlobes through wearing heavy pierced styles.

Clip on Earrings are growing in popularity as more women grow wise to the fact that they can easily alter their non-pierced earrings for ultimate comfort. Where once many women steered clear of Clip on Earrings for fear of their earlobe being pinched, new fitment designs means they can be customised – within a couple of minutes - to suit the thickness of each woman’s earlobes.

Eternal Collection, one of the UK’s biggest stockists of stylish and comfortable Clip on Earrings, is seeing continued growth in sales this summer. Now, the range of Clip on Earrings has overtaken the number of pierced earrings available through Eternal Collection’s website and mail order catalogue.

The company offers a range of fitments for drop and stud clip-on earrings, and all can be quickly and easily altered so that the earrings are secure yet comfortable.

It’s no surprise that Eternal Collection is so well-known among fans of clip-on earrings. Specialising in this niche has always been close to the heart of founder Pauline Buttress, who was motivated to develop comfortable Clip on Earrings through personal experience.

“I love earrings but got to a point where I had stretched my earlobes through wearing heavy pierced styles. When I started looking for pretty clip-on earrings I was amazed at how little choice there was, and how most of them pinched my earlobes, leaving them red and sore.

“I quickly realised there were many women like me who either didn’t want to have their ears pierced or who, for various reasons, no longer wanted to wear earrings for pierced ears. However, they still wanted that feminine feeling which comes from being stylish and completing an outfit with the right accessories. That’s when I started looking at offering clip-on earrings with fitments which are easy to alter.”

Customers who wish to alter their clip-on earrings can download simple instructions from the Eternal Collection website, or view a short YouTube video. It takes just a couple of minutes to tailor a pair of clip-on earrings, and the difference can be transformative.

“There’s nothing worse than wearing clip-on earrings for half the day and then getting frustrated with the discomfort – it spoils an outfit and is a waste of good money,” said Pauline. “Our aim is for our customers to put on their clip-on earrings and find them so comfortable that they forget they’re actually wearing them!”


Notes to Editors

Eternal Collection was founded by Pauline Buttress and her husband Paul. The collection features beautiful clip on and traditional earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces featuring a range of pearls and semi-precious stones, glass and crystal. Eternal Collection also sells scarf rings, jewellery accessories and giftware. Prices range from £10 to £100.

Much of the jewellery is designed by Pauline and handmade by Paul and the Eternal team in the Scottish Highlands.

Eternal Collection is available online ( and by mail order.

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