European Golf Design and GEO Renew Partnership Agreement

Sunningdale, October 2009

European Golf Design (EGD) has announced that it will be continuing its patronage of the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) with a new three-year partnership agreement. This financial and in-kind commitment will help GEO to continue advancing golf’s sustainability drive.

Over the last three years, EGD’s support for GEO has enabled considerable progress in enhancing golf’s social and environmental role around the world. Patron support fuels core initiatives and projects such as GEO Certification, an innovative on-line programme that helps golf clubs improve their performance, profile and profitability:

Jonathan Smith, Chief Executive of GEO said: “European Golf Design’s continued support is a great boost to GEO. To have the backing of one of the world’s premier golf design companies is important to us. It reinforces the fact that GEO’s approach is credible, comprehensive, and very relevant to developers, club owners, managers and greenkeepers as well as golf’s governing bodies. Being engaged with the EGD team helps to ensure that our work continues to push the boundaries, providing cutting-edge, effective solutions. EGD have recognised the fundamental business value in designing courses and supporting masterplans which generate valued social, economic and environmental outcomes”.

Jeremy Slessor, Managing Director of EGD added: “At EGD we take this partnership very seriously. We have already established an environmental policy for the practice, and have begun to footprint and offset our unavoidable carbon emissions. We have been screening projects for their environmental sustainability and training staff in advanced technical disciplines to enable them to make the most informed design decisions.

“We share GEO’s belief that golf development can be creatively planned and designed to bring socio-economic and environmental value to both shareholders and wider stakeholders. EGD wants to be at the heart of the new era of golf development - integrating the latest sustainability thinking with cutting edge design to create memorable golf courses that are resource efficient, ecologically rich and set in stunning landscapes.”

About the Golf Environment Organisation:

GEO is an international non-profit organisation working to integrate the social, environmental and economic benefits of golf. Supported by a wide range of stakeholder organisations, it has been driving environmental initiatives in the sector since 1994.

About European Golf Design:

European Golf Design was established in 1992 as a Joint Venture between the European Tour and IMG in order to provide a golf course design service for both parent companies and their various tournament and client based golf projects. Since then, our skills have become recognised by many other clients, not only those interested in tournament golf.

European Golf Design has now made a name for itself by consistently producing high quality and successful resort, members and tournament golf courses, on schedule and within budget. Our courses are consistently highly rated by golfers and the golf press alike. Already three of our courses have been voted best new course in Europe and two are named in the top 100 courses in the World.


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