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Newbury, September 2001: Eurotechnix Ltd the Newbury, Berkshire IT specialists, in conjunction with Absolute Software of Vancouver Canada have opened the UK monitoring centre for Computrace, the market leading utility for tracking and recovering stolen or lost portable and desktop computers.

Computrace is the ultimate computer watchdog. The moment a stolen computer is connected to a phone line or has access to the Internet, Computrace silently reports the PC’s location to the Eurotechnix Monitoring Centre.

The software is undetectable and tamper-resistant. Even if a thief suspected that a PC or portable may be loaded with Computrace, he or she won't be able to find and delete the program. Hidden on the hard drive, Computrace is protected against formatting and disk partitioning or even the reloading of the operating system.

If a Computrace-equipped system is stolen, the Agent tracks its location...

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