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Targeted at businesswomen and aspiring female entrepreneurs, Million Dollar Woman (MDW) aims to prove anyone can make it. Speakers will share the practices, habits and mindset that led them to success.
The event will showcase inspiring speakers from the US and the UK, who have grown Million Dollar businesses.

With only 11.4% of the UK millionaires being female, and a fraction of that self-made, women have some catching up to do. At MDW we are passionate about nurturing the next generation of high-achieving women and we know they can’t do it alone.

‘No woman is an island’

Championing mentorship, coaching and community is at the heart of our message. Founder Yael Rose has struggled alone in business for nearly 19 years and is adamant that women are made aware of the wealth of support that’s available. Learning from those who have accomplished what we are working to achieve is invaluable to ones’ success.


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