Evergen launches ‘Clean Air for Kids’ campaign

Evergen's 'Clean Air for Kids' logo
Evergen's 'Clean Air for Kids' logo

UK environmental innovation company Evergen is launching a campaign that will help UK schools raise the money they need to install air purification systems.

The initiative is designed to give pupils clean air to breathe during their time at work and play.

The Evergen “Clean Air for Kids” campaign puts potential sponsors in touch with the head teachers of schools looking to raise money for clean air and who have registered their interest with Evergen.


Schools that register with Evergen receive a free ‘air pollution survey’, which is carried out by the company and an independent body to monitor the air quality both inside and outside of the building.

As part of the arrangement, Evergen will also set up a test environment and run trials that will provide the schools with ‘before and after’ data from an independent provider.


Once a school’s air has been monitored, Evergen will work closely with the head teachers, governors and stakeholders to identify the equipment needed to reduce air pollution throughout the school. The company will then help find potential sponsors to raise the required funds using publicity tactics and by directly approaching local and corporate businesses for donations.

All donations are made directly to the school and the school has complete autonomy of how the money is spent and how.


Sukhbir Sidhu, founder and director of Evergen says: “Poor air quality is an immense problem for everyone – especially children who live and study in inner-cities. According to the World Health Organisation, 92% of city dwellers breathe polluted air every day.

“With many inner city schools residing next to busy roads and polluting businesses, children are exposed to particles that could end up being harmful to their health.

“With our ‘Clean Air for Kids’ campaign, we are doing something about it. Not only has Evergen invested significant time and money into developing state-of-the-art technology to clean air, we are willing to dedicate our time to helping raise awareness for the cause and finding sponsors to fund projects.

“Our vision is that every school child should breathe clean air during their time at school.”


Children spend up to eight hours per day indoors. Evergen provides the solutions that improve indoor air quality by over 95%.

However, Evergen technology also goes a step further. It has developed and tested outdoor ‘CleanAirZones’ for playgrounds.


We all know that cleaning vast expanses of outdoor air is impossible.

So, instead of taking on the unthinkable, Evergen provides the services and systems required to create ‘micro environments’ of clean air.

Evergen systems can clean air in classrooms, communal areas and even in the school yard, giving children even in inner-city areas the clean air they rightfully deserve.


Evergen’s Clean Air for Kids initiative is designed to bring everyone together including school governors, teachers, parents, local businesses, communities and corporations – as well as the schools kids themselves.

It has just completed a successful installation at a London based primary school, which saw a significant reduction in particulate matter since air purification units were installed in the main hall.

The company is also monitoring other London schools as well as a school in Bristol.


Head teachers of schools who are interested in registering their school and those looking to make a donation visit https://evergensystems.com/clean-air-for-kids/ .


About the company:

Evergen Clean Air is a division of Evergen Systems Ltd - an environmental innovation company based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The company invests significantly in the development and installation of solar energy technology and air purification systems.

For further information:

For more information about Evergen’s innovations and technology, please visit Evergen’s “Media Q&A” page at https://evergensystems.com/media-qa/

Alternatively, please contact Helen Bailey, marketing coordinator, at helen@evergensystems.com.