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UpD8r 3.0 and Salesforce Integration

Increase Event ROI by Tracking Leads and Event Activity Directly in Salesforce with UpD8r 3.0

London, UK, June 10, 2016 - London based, event technology experts Excelerated Apps have announced the release of their latest integration with Salesforce. As an added extension to their well-established existing platform, the Salesforce integration functionality enables event professionals to track each attendee’s event activity directly in Salesforce.

The integration, is a “two click” process and provides your sales team with real-time insights into what attendees are doing at your event. This process captures the relevant data to create highly personalised and timely follow-ups.

It’s no longer necessary to sift through spreadsheets and business cards trying to remember which opportunity came from which event. Using this technology, leads can be recorded with a simple tap of a RFID badge, while allowing the power of Salesforce to do what it...

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