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ExceleratedS2P launches a new Ariba S2P packaged implementation for mid-market or SME companies at Ariba Live Prague.

London, UK, June 12, 2017 - ExceleratedS2P launches a new Ariba S2P packaged implementation for mid-market or SME companies at Ariba Live Prague.

The new offering ‘Excelerated P2P on Ariba’ takes key functionality from the comprehensive Ariba suite and is delivered within a timeframe of 12 weeks at a competitive and lower cost.

The ExceleratedS2P team have taken their experiences from what many customers ask for, especially those that are in the mid-market and who want to benefit from packaged best practice processes and functionality. The team has managed to deliver a fully productive procure to pay solution in a cost-efficient timescale, to provide the rapid value return that these companies seek.

Excelerated P2P delivers a number of proven benefits to mid-market companies:

• Faster delivery: Pre-built and pre-configured templated solution based on leading, best practices.
• Certainty of outcome: Rapid deployment, within a 12 week timeline and at a fixed price.
• Lower risk: Pre-tested functions using Excelerated’s own unique accelerators, allowing little to no customisation and with proven integrations to back-end ERP systems.
• Robust design: Built using SAP Ariba’s and ExceleratedS2P’s market leading thought and expertise, across numerous industries.
• Lower total cost of ownership: Achieve significant value and benefits underlined by lower total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages of a best in class cloud solution deployed in a short timeframe.

Conor Mullaney, the Director of ExceleratedS2P, is proud to announce the launch of this exciting packaged service offering, built for mid-market companies that are looking for that long term, best in class procure to pay solution, delivered in a rapid timescale and at lower cost.

‘Excelerated P2P on Ariba’ is based on taking the already user friendly, functionality-rich, end to end offering on the Ariba platform and providing this in a unique, packaged way for SME’s.

‘My ExceleratedS2P team of experts have built out the templated configuration, tools and content to accelerate deployment timelines and significantly improve the implementation experience for the customer, whilst at the same time provide industry leading best practices and ensure that as a mid-market company grows, that this is the perfect long-term choice of solution’.

The offering is now available and has already had positive feedback from a number of mid-market companies.

Twitter: @ExceleratedS2P

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