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Today, CESG has published guidance for home and other remote workers to access government information at OFFICIAL, using Excitor G/On, a secure remote access solution. This guidance forms part of CESG’s wider End User Devices Security Guidance.

UK Public Sector organisations can now offer increased flexible working for staff while taking advantage of the savings offered by G/On, through a simplified infrastructure and the use of home PCs, or lower cost government supplied laptops. This enables secure BYOD, long demanded by government workers.

Excitor G/On prevents data leakage and controls access by staff, contractors, partners and customers to specific applications, without the need for a VPN. It provides fast, low cost access to client/server applications such as Citrix (without the need for Citrix Gateways), VDI, RDP, Intranet and web applications. No data leaves the corporate network and no application data can be uploaded from or downloaded to...

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