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But half-measures still risk policy ineffectiveness

12/02/04, UK: Following a number of high-profile email and internet abuse scandals, research from corporate compliance and security software company, PolicyMatter, suggests that the majority of UK organisations are now taking steps to address the legal risks of IT misuse. In a study of over 200 UK organisations(*1), PolicyMatter found that 87 per cent of firms had implemented or revised their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in the last twelve months.

The survey showed that the key driver to create an AUP, cited by 77 per cent of respondents, was “reduced legal liability”. Twenty-four per cent of policy managers wanted to “protect the organisation’s reputation”; 13 per cent saw AUPs as a way to “avoid costly tribunals” and seven per cent cited the need to “prevent IT damage”. Only one per cent of respondents considered “reduced loss in productivity” as a key benefit of their...

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